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Bae Or Bail ? When People Come Back From The Dead

Bae Reactions When People come back From the dead

In this video, you will be watching three couples trying to prank their partners to see if they will bae or bail. This is how it goes,see for yourself When People Come Back From The Dead reactions from couples.

The first step will be to make up the supposed dead guy to actually look like a dead guy; his collections will be displayed on the table and then how he died. He’s being told how to position his hand and how and when to lift his right hand and grab the sympathiser hand.

When everything is all set for the funeral to begin, the coffin will be placed in front of the church half opened. The different couples works in looking at the dead guys collection and trying to imagine how he died and finally warm their seats.

People Come Back From The Dead

The floor will be open for mourners to pay their last respect to the dead one couple after the other in three different scenes each new respectively and that is where the prank begins. Oops! Let me not let the cat out of the bag just yet. Just watch and discover who bails and who bae.
You will enjoy it. Happy watching!

How your partner would react in a terrifying situation

Four couples are playing a terrifying prank on their partners to see if the will be courageous enough to save them or will run away for their lives and don’t look back. If you were in to face a situation like this, which one will you be, the “Bae” and protect the one you love or will you be the “Bail” and run away? Also watch Its Over!! Drone Catches My Girlfriend Cheating

Wanna know what I will do? Okay, would have loved to bae but I, unfortunately, I can’t deal with pranks, so I will disappear if I have a chance, seriously.
Let’s find out together. Happy watching!



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  1. I love this show, my husband started me to looking at this show. I want to know how to prank my husband. I am all in, if there spot.

    – LaWanna

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