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Outrageous Prank With A Giant Bear!

Outrageous Prank With A Giant Bear! Significant four couples play terrifying pranks on their partners to see if they will step up and save them or run for the door and never look back. In this ultimate relationship test will the one you love BAE or BAIL?

Overview of the Outrageous Prank With A Giant Bear!

In this video you’ll see how the one you love reacts towards you when threatened by the growl of an outrageous gigantic bear. Did you watch I Broke Up With De’arra (Prank!!!) ?

Whitney is pranking her boyfriend because she wants to see if he is going to bae or bail but she thinks he loves her and he is selfless so he wouldn’t BAIL on her.

Gina thinks she’s going for a nice day at the park with her boyfriend Deangelo, he definitely thinks she would stand for him even if she can’t protect him.

Latoya is certain her boyfriend won’t let anything happen to her  in such a state.

Moriko actually thinks her boyfriend is not actually though as he says he is so she thinks he’s gonna BAIL on her.

Actually it turns out that Moriko was wrong because her boyfriend won’t let the bear get close to her, he would pull her away as fast as he can, he is BAE.

Gina actually BAILS on Deangelo so it turns out that he was wrong about her standing up for him.


Oh yeah Latoya got wrong to her boyfriend almost pee on his pants. He won’t move an inch to save her from the bear so she gets a BAIL from her boyfriend.

Whitney was right actually she received a BAE from Chris. He protected her.

Enjoy the show!!!

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