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I Broke Up With De’arra (Prank!!!)

The Breakup prank.

You want to know why I Broke Up With De’arra ? What would you do if you get back home someday and finds out the one you love has left you for no reason? At least that you know about, like you totally have no idea why he is leaving. Did you watch Its Over!! Drone Catches My Girlfriend Cheating ?

I Broke Up With De'arra

This guy waits until his girl is out of the house and then he backs up his stuff and left, like not really leaving but just out of the house to make it real just to see how his girl with take the whole “ no idea breakup issue”.

He makes sure he leave some of his stuff behind that will make him come home for them and will have to meet her at home and that is where the whole drama begins… Happy watching!

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