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Ace Family Fail Yet Again : Was Catherine Birthday Surprise Faked?

Catherine Paiz 28th Birthday Catherine Birthday Surprise Faked

Oh ! well , it is clear that the Ace Family is trying to remain relevant by all means, just like many other family channels on YouTube. It is a shame to see them extorting their kids, using click bait titles and bogus content just to remain at the top of their game. I watch their videos and cringe because of their fake life, hyped energy and the content is downright pathetic.So was Catherine Birthday Surprise Faked ? Let’s dig into it.

When I started watching them, I liked them because I felt that they were an inspiration to so many young people out there in search of true love, happiness and wealth. They grew so fast on YouTube and soon enough, the money and fame got into their heads and that is when things started going downhill for them. They were met with one scandal after the other, allegations popping up and their attempt to save face was a complete flop.

If you have not seen their latest video, you should as this was literally the last nail on the coffin. Catherine just turned 28 and as always, Austin went all out in search of views and validation from their more than 10 million subscribers. The video starts out with Austin in a flower shop purchasing an assortment of flowers and having a gift being wrapped. He is all hyped up and fake AF.

Catherine Birthday Surprise Faked


He leaves the shop to explain to the subscribers about the occasion underway – Catherine’s birthday – and even adds that he has on the same shirt he wore last year on Catherine’s birthday when he proposed. Their proposal video went viral and this is what put them on the map and sky-rocketed their growth on YouTube.

Who cares what you wore 365 days ago? You are millionaires for Christ’s sake! Buy a new shirt and stop with the “looking like a snack shit”. We ain’t wasting our time on clichés like that. Grow some balls Austin and chill out. Yeah, we know you are cute and all but you do not have to rub it in our faces.

Oh and the video is 34 minutes long so you wish for it to end even before it begins but you just have to watch it to see them trip up a couple of times and be all unrealistic and fake. It breaks my heart that most of their loyal followers are between the ages of 13 and 19.

Catherine Birthday Surprise Faked

They are practically kids and anything Catherine and Austin do or say is the gospel truth. They are so gullible because they are not exposed to the real wold yet and would rather believe a fabricated life than know that life is full of ups and downs. Catherine and Austin are an example of “overnight” success and these kids want the same type of success for themselves which is tragic because these children will learn the hard truth out there and they will be broken.

Do y’all believe that Austin’s birthday “surprise” to Catherine was truly a surprise? Well, I don’t think so. He came into the house and Catherine was looking all made up – who has ever seen he without make up anyway? Plus her bag was already packed even as Austin told her to get a bag ready.

Catherine also expresses an element of surprise and shock when Austin hands her the gift. As she unwraps and sees it, she gets all teary eyed. Haha I do not believe them one bit. Austin always gives her presents and crying over a bracelet seemed just too much.

Be real Catherine. You do not have to fake cry and act all emotional. Oh yeah we know you are pregnant but you do not have to go overboard. Just say “Thank you”, it will still earn you some thumbs-up you crave so much.

If you have followed Catherine on Instagram for long enough, you already know her friend Chantel. Both of them have body dysmorohia and if Instagram or Snapchat vanished today, they would practically be dead inside. These two girls base their existence on other people’s approval – strangers for that matter – and bask in the millions of followers and likes.

The fact that those girls are rarely seen without make-up on is sad and pathetic. They act like they are some Greek gods but the truth is that they have low self-esteem. It gets worse when Austin makes remarks like “You look messy. You cannot be seen.” to Elle.

The video is about Catherine’s birthday but Austin, so full of himself, cannot let his “queen” prosper. He is the one doing all the talking and asking Doc all the stupid question. Tarzan on the other end is hungry for the damn camera and wants to shine when it is not about him either.

Catherine Birthday Surprise Faked

Where is Popcorn by the way because I feel that that is their next puppet. That elephant, Bubbles, was so much fun and I love what she has done for her species – raising millions to save them. Doc is also great and I love his back story on why he brought Bubbles home.

He describes himself as a professional cowboy, so yeah, I like him. Did you all see that sea of videographers and photographers swarming around them as they posed for photos and a video with the tiger cubs?

With one of the crew members waving a bottle in the air to get the cubs to look a certain way for the perfect shot? These people are literally obsessed with perfection but it breaks my heart to see them manipulate nature just for views, likes and bucks. It is shameful for people who claim to be animal-lovers.

And have you guys realized that a ham sandwich has more personality than Catherine? She is placid and devoid of character. No personality, just a pretty face. I think this birthday was a PR stunt in attempts to fix the trust of their subscribers but unfortunately, it was not a success.

These two people need to come out and be real with their subscribers – something they are unlikely to do because of the façade they have put up. Well, if you are going to buy subscribers, do not make it that obvious because no amount of hard work can earn you 5 million subscribers in a year on YouTube!

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